Group Rates and Custom Items

Group Rates

The Knight Shop offers group rates when purchasing a larger amount of the same item. The order minimum will vary item to item, however as a general rule of thumb purchasing more than 15 of the same item will grant you a discounted rate. Orders must be emailed to Anthony Carestia and include the item name, style and size list. The rate of discount will be determined by both the Knight Shop staff members as well as by the number of pieces ordered. 

Customized Items

The Knight Shop will happily help you create customized gear for a gathering or gift! Please note, that most items require a minimum of 24pcs, whereas some may requires upwards of 48-72pcs. Depending on the specifications of artwork, an additional $25-$50 fee will be applied for graphic design work. Please contact Anthony Carestia to discuss options.


All orders must be paid before any order will be placed. You may pay via credit card online, cash, credit or check in store, or we will invoice you via mail. We will make every attempt to make payment convenient for you!

Both Group Orders and Custom Items must be placed at least 2 weeks prior to your "need by" date. We have the right to refuse any order that does not meet this minimum requirement.