Knight Shop Appointments

Knight Shop Calendar & Appointments


Appointments can be made using the link found below. It requires a google account to place an appointment. Appoints are available only for those who are not part of the Xavier student body/faculty/staff. 

If you are a parent / alumnus / friend of Xavier you may make an appointment for the following reasons: (1) You need to return or exchange an items and would prefer to do so in person (2) You wish to have your order delivered curbside rather than enter the Xavier building. If you have a situation that does not apply to the above, please contact before scheduling an appointment. If you are simply picking up an order and can enter the Xavier building, no appointment is necessary

As an additional note, please do not schedule an appointment until you receive a notification that your order is ready for pickup. We will not prioritize your order even if you have an appointment scheduled. if your order is not ready by the time of your appointment, you will have to reschedule. 

As a final note, in order to enter Xavier, visitors must adhere to a temperature check, health screening and must wash/sanitize their hands. This is non negotiable. If you do not want to adhere to these guidelines, please schedule an appointment for curbside delivery, as you will not be allowed in the building under any circumstances. Any interaction with a Knight Shop Staff member requires a mask, even for curbside delivery. If you do not have a mask, we will be unable to assist you in regards to exchanging or returning items. Again, this is non negotiable.

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